Top Ten Strangest Frogs I Bet You’ve Never Seen

  1. Brazilian Horned Frog… These interesting looking frogs are native to the amazon rain forest. They are very aggressive and not afraid to bite anything that comes their way. Villagers often wear large boots to protect themselves.
  2. Tomato Frog… These bright red chubby frogs really do look like tomato, hence their name. They can only be found in Madagascar. Tomato frog self defense is their bright color that warns predators that they are not safe to eat.
  3. Ornate Horned Toad… Also known as the PAC-man frog have large mouths and eat immensely. They sit around and wait for their pray while blending in with the greens of the ground. They can be found in Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay.
  4. Wallace’s Flying Frog… All frogs have webbed toes, but in this frog it is extremely noticeable. These frogs fly from tree to tree using their giant feet and are rarely found on the ground unless laying eggs. Flying frogs inhabit very dense jungles.
  5. Pipa Toad… This is the worlds flattest amphibian. This frog almost looks like it got squished by a car, but in fact this actually helps the frog hide in leaves from predators. They can be found in the Amazon River of South America.
  6. Turtle Frog… This type of frog actually looks like a naked turtle! You can only find these little guys underground is extreme southern Australia. They feed on termites that live under coastal plains and woodlands.
  7. Glass Frog… These little guys have transparent skin on the under side of their bodies, hence their name. They are a type of nocturnal tree frog. You can find glass frogs in the humid forests of central and south america. You can often see all their internal organs, including their beating heart. This helps them blend into the forest.
  8. Poison Dart Frog… These frogs are usually pretty tiny but their unusually bright colors warn predators they are not safe to eat. Poison Darts can e found in Central and South America. They secrete a poison which comes from their diet of ants, termites, and mites.
  9. Darwin’s Frog… These frogs have a very geometrical shaped body. Their heads have a triangle shape that help them hide in leaves. Many feed on insects and look like a dead leaf to hide from their predators. Darwin’s frogs can be found in Argentina.
  10. Hip Pocket Frog… This frog is very strange because the males are marsupials! The female lays her eggs and the male puts the eggs in two pouches on his “hips.” They are just like a kangaroo! You can find these weird guys in Southern New Wales Australia.
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