#MidnightThoughts Eps. 2: Purpose

As a 3rd semester medical students, me and my friends are tired (already) with the hecticness of our study to be a doctor. Some of us starts to think about the medical specialty they want to take in the future. And, sure as hell there are people who think about taking the shortest course for specialty and they all think about the money they’ll earn as soon as they graduate as a specialist. Well, I am not trying to be idealist. But, who the hell doesn’t need money and who the hell doesn’t like money? But, guys?

Let me tell you a story, I didn’t get into medical school by my own will. I actually just accidentally got accepted in medical school and finally just accepted the fate that I probably belonged in here.

After almost one and a half year as a medical student, I have to admit that medical school has opened my eyes about life purposes. Long before I got into medical school, I had no idea about what to do in life. And, well, I finally guess that I actually know what I want now. All I want is to do good for humanity. Everything I do now, everything I’ll do later is for the sake of humanity. For the sake of people.

I am so realistic that I need money too. I need to support myself and my family for sure. But, I guess, I am now in this point where money is not my first priority. I believe in doing good will bring you good things too. I believe in giving and not asking for return now.

So hella not realistic, am I?

I do understand that we all need money. But, why? Have you guys ever thought about the humanity? Why not do both? Why not earning money and doing good things for humanity instead of just earning bunch shit of money?

And, guys. Please remember this thing, once you have achieved your purpose in life (in this case: earning bunch shit of money), what are you going to do next? :)