5 Different Ways to Gift Chocolates to Your Loved One

Dubai is one of the biggest metropolitan zones in the Middle East, and there is increasing demand for specialty foods like custom made chocolates. Dubai based confectioners have to compete with international brands of packaged chocolates, but there is also a huge market for custom made confectionery. While they have to make excellent quality chocolate products, they also have to provide unique services like customized chocolate gifts!

Dubai based companies will also have to abide by some of the strictest Food and Beverage regulations in the world. This is why when you’re looking for a chocolate company to gift your loved ones a hamper full of delicacies, you have to look for designer confectionery services.

Here are 5 different ways to gift custom made chocolates in Dubai -

1 — Dark Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate

When it comes to chocolate gifts (Dubai or elsewhere in the world); the contest between Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate is always a most critical contest. Dark Chocolate doesn’t use milk fats and solids, and are by far lower on the calorie count; but are less rich than milk chocolate variations. It’s all a matter of taste, and what varieties you choose to gift your loved ones will depend of their preferences. While dark chocolate is more exotic, many people prefer the sweetened richness of milk chocolate.

2 — Nuts and Additions

If you look at what you can add to a chocolate recipe, the list is massive! When ordering any kind of custom made chocolates, Dubai’s confectionery companies will offer you a lot of variety of flavors to add. From different kinds of dry fruits and nuts, to special exotic flavors like chilly and sea salt — ask for unique ideas and flavors to make your gift package truly unique!

3 — Diet Chocolate

Chocolate is not always known to be a health food, but minus the calories, they do have a host of health benefits! In this day and age of modern consumers, diet chocolates are in demand and there are few companies with such unique recipes for customized chocolate gifts. Dubai does have a handful of enterprising confectioners with such specialty recipes which have a low calorie count, but ensure the expected rich taste!

#4 — Hamper Collections

Variety and the various arrangements that make hamper collections have to be creative and yet cost effective. While the company has make sure that the chocolates are of the highest quality, their gift packaging solutions have to be low cost, and yet attractive. There are different boxes and baskets; as well as different wrappers for the individual chocolates that make the presentation attractive and worth the cost!

5 — Designer Confectionery

The whole idea of custom made chocolates (Dubai or otherwise) is about designer confectionery, and the way a confectioner can mold your chocolate gift is vital! For the best chocolate gifts in Dubai, look for a company with high quality chocolate, as well as experienced chefs who can design the treats to be attractive and alluring as a gift!