Long time ago, while growing up as a child in an area where every single thing you do attracts reactions. Playing in the sand with other children of my age, I could recall what dazzled people the most; was my uniqueness in being creative while playing.

I would create images from sand, use tiny woods to construct a shape of anything my rich mind would dream of. And of course, I always had people wondering what my life would become.

As time evolved, I became more passionate and focused on how I can turn my imaginations to reality. My curiosity set me on a path where I have to learn and understand what really makes the world a friendly place to be.

In search of what my soul loves, I later discovered that creativity is nature’s gift to mankind. With such an idea, my passion drove me to the path of being a graphic designer and I’m happy because it gladdens my heart that people’s faces can be lightened up with a gentle smile of relief from just taking a glance at my work.

Every business today needs a mind loaded with creativity in order to convey a whole lot of complex messages to its simple and appealing form. In the end, a positive message has been passed.

Only great minds think outside the box, turning an obscure image to a pattern of love. Grow your business today, pay someone creative to help you standout in the market space. Don’t be in the crowd, but standout.

I remain Answer Esibe (Graphic Designer/Illustrator)

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