Donald Trump and the politics of nostalgia
Eric Fershtman

This was an excellently written article, albeit in my opinion the first quarter was unnecessary. All the points are “right on,” a cliche that is nostalgic and is out of pace with Trump talk, “believe me!” Yes this is indicative of a culture that “doesn’t have a clue” about how government works, “believe me.” Nor is there a sense of history, 20th century history, the bloody Black History for their constitutional right of equality, the history of the labor movement, no appreciation for the “Right to Vote,” and certainly little acceptance of the debacle of the last seventeen years of Republican “my way or NO way!” Trump is for real, after a thirty minute sit down the genius surgeon devote christian co-presidential candidate, Ben Carson endorsed Candidate Trump for President, revealing there is another more reasonable side to Trump. That should justify things for the evangelical blind march toward striking down Roe vs Wade at all costs! All the core factions see the potential for radical success back to the stoic past that never was.

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