Maniac Metro Madness

Metro Ride in Poland, Warsaw from Stop Centrum to Stop Imielin around 11:30 pm on a Monday

A couple is looking at a tablet and discussing something in a foreign language, they seem to be travelers according to their luggage that they carry with them. An elderly man with his bike with a broken mirror. A woman who was staring at her mobile when she entered the metro car and switched to drink some water and switched to read a polish book. A guy who tries to be ignorant, I did not yet realize him, just now, in this very moment I have looked there and he is entertaining himself with a mobile phone. The woman just closed the latch of her bag. Meanwhile the ignorant guy with the mobile phone and the elderly man with his bike got off the metro. I felt the woman with the book when I wrote the word metro with my pen to these notes. It is the thing we do in common, riding the metro car. The couple stopped to look at the screen of the tablet. Instead they are discussing the information that they have seen on their mobile device. Maybe it was inspiring to them. Some other people entered the metro. A woman next to me is also pressing her touchscreen on her mobile phone and a guy doing exactly the same. The woman just stopped in the very moment when I wrote about her with my pen. The guy did not stop and he is smiling at his tiny screen. Another woman joined us in the metro car. She seems to be worried about something. Her mobile has a pink dress, that means a cover, and his has bunny ears. A guy with headphones joins the crowd by walking from a distance to our part of the cabin. He just prepared himself in front of the last door of the car and he and the fat woman and the total ignorant guy got off. In exchange another woman entered the metro with her mobile in her hand. She seems not to like the fact that I write about her. I leave the metro and get off.

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