For the two critical questions:

1. I think Facebook cannot copy the partner program in YouTube directly because the pattern of the two media is different. YouTube can only use one single channel, which is video for the communication. While for Facebook, video is not the only way to communication. And there has evidence that Facebook is trying to use the idea of partner program. The sharing revenue of the advertisement testing in Facebook in fact is similar with the crux of the partner program in YouTube.

Moreover, Facebook has its own advantages when compared with YouTube. Facebook can target the potential viewers to promote the video yet YouTube cannot. At the same time, Facebook can make the first connection with users while YouTube cannot. Therefore in my opinion Facebook can follow the idea of the partner program of YouTube yet it will not follow the partner program directly.

2. I predict that the trend of the media will have half of the paid labor and half of the volunteer. For the paid labor I think it cannot be ignored, as economic incentive should be considered to increase the popularity. While for the volunteer, people can express their subjective opinion and give informative detail. In fact, solely depend on one single labor is not possible. If the media only depends on the volunteer, the initiative of people using it will be lesson. And the quality of the posts, or video, may not as high as those with paid stuff. On the other hand, only rely on paid stuff may not have the subjective opinions and the response speed to the issue is not that efficiency when compared to volunteer work. Also, the variety of media source is decreased. These explain why YouTube will have a transformation from right quadrant to left while other traditional media have a shift from left to right. To conclude, the mix pattern of paid stuff and volunteer should be the optimistic.
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