To solve the flak and the ideological manipulation of propaganda model

Apart from lowering the relevance of media reporting the news, I think it is possible to fully utilize the social media and Internet. Social media can learn from the working model of Wikipedia and post news and report in the Internet. Moreover, the broad reaches and high frequency of using of the social media, like Facebook, Twitter, should be kept. Meanwhile, many journalists can update frequent information and people will subscribe and read the pages. In a nutshell, a wiki-like social media may be the result of solving the flak and the ideological manipulation.

Wikipedia is a website which allows collaborate modification of its content. It relies on the donations from the public. So if the content is focus on the news in society, different versions of reports can be produced and can be connected through different wiki engine. Meanwhile, the content is supplied and edited by the public. Moreover, with the establishment of account, you can freely amend or even produce information. This working mode should be the effective way against the flak in propaganda model. In fact, Hong Kong Free Press may use the same idea yet personally it is not that popular and far-reached to common Internet users.

For the ideological manipulation, I think wiki is also an example to solve. For ideological manipulation, it refers to the reports and news may violate the common or core value held in society nowadays. In regard to this, the account and log in system can protect the privacy of the editor. Moreover, wiki has systems (i.e. three-revert rule) that minimize the adverse effect of Vandalism and edit warring. It prevents the further destruction of neutralism of ideas and encourages negotiations. Therefore, no matter stands hold, wiki will become a platform of logical discussion and prohibits the illogical edit warring.

Need to say is that all the purposeful actions should be implemented at the same time such that the neutral stance of media can be maintained. Only if one type of action cannot we solve the propaganda model.


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