A long journey turned into a short story

My entire life, I have run from one series of contradictions only to run straight into another. Each time, things got more and more complex, to the point that I was never actually sure where or even when I actually was.

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time around computers, enjoyed maths, and ended up studying physics at university. I learned about information theory and quantum mechanics and spent a lot of time designing integrated systems to run mm-wave experiments at large magnetic fields when I tried to do a PhD.

When I was 11, I moved to South Africa because of my family. During my adulthood, I moved in the search of a better life, or in the search for knowledge and creative fulfilment. I also did my best to share my knowledge with others along the way.

I didn’t appreciate art and poetry when I was young but I developed a varied taste in music. Each time I tried something new, my tastes grew more diverse.

Struggling with immigration laws, struggling for a better life, I also began to read about politics and history. Initially I consumed this in short form, and eventually as more complete stories told by poems, songs, books, and also museums.

In the end, I came to realise that reality is completely relative. Consciousness is simply a series of binary decisions which can become arbitrarily complex. There’s no such thing as pure good or evil. Great evil also requires a great deal of support to achieve its aims.

In reality, we are all struggling for our freedom in one way or another. As long as we banish our fears into bad dreams and our turn imagination into art, study dilligently and share our knowledge as widely as possible, tell our stories to the best of our ability, and hang on to those we love, the world will begin to get brighter. Each time we encounter one-another, we begin to understand each-other a little better.

Put simply: the world is Pandora’s-box-meets-M.C.-Escher. We are all travelling at light speed on the surface of a black hole. We can find our way back to what we love as long as we also leave ourselves a trail of breadcrumbs on the way.