From Baird to Worse:
Lachlan Phillips

I am for the amalgamation of Councils for the benefit of economies of scale and getting rid of the dead wood. The three tiered government system has been a long standing brawl between the governments and particularly the State Government although it can never disqualify its powers of being; it will restructure the local government platform.

For those residents who are within a radius of 0–4 kilometres from the proposed Westconnex works should carry out the following precursor to protect their properties from property damage caused by the construction of the road network. As follows:

  1. Undertake a pre-dilapidation report (immediately)
  2. To acquire a property valuation report from a reputable property valuer or real estate agent
  3. Write to the State Government and illicit its response for purchasing those effected properties based on the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991
  4. Look up the following for more detail:

I say, get ready and smart while the events unfold.

Good Luck..

I am speaking from experience, Governments would rather support corporations over the ratepayer; progress over property damage; and use underhanded tactics to achieving the desired results.

No-one can take your private land from you without adhering to property case law, called “Spencer V The Commonwealth”


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