These two words in the title are sufficient to create a chaos these days. Such is the power of words or misinterpretation, I would say.

Search answer for this simple question in your mind, or let Google do that(the more convenient way!) -


In a second you’ll speak out- ‘Dharma.’ Think harder, this time. Did you find any perfect word?

Let me tell you, that there’s no word for religion in Hindi or Sanskrit.

This concept of religion itself doesn’t exist in Indian culture.

Religion leads to divisions. This man is a Hindu, this girl is a Muslim, that child is Christian. I can go on saying the names of all religions and yet there would be no sense as usual. You still won’t get a pinch of spirituality in my theories(or so-called philosophies).

Dharma means duty. It is the path, one follows to reach the divine.

In simple words, to live a happy life, the existence of principles is necessary. And therefore, many great people(gods) have provided us with various sets of advice(rules, as some say). This is what dharma is all about.

The mental-havoc that has been begotten recently, is due to immense confusion between dharma and religion.

Just an expression on increasing decibels, consequences such a big debate in the society, and even concerns several prominent personalities. Why a common problem has hurt ‘religious’ sentiments?

The same occurs not only with Azaan, but also with the loud, hoarse & emotionless bhajans. It was never about religion, but the sleep of an exhausted working man.

Whatever the official documents exaggerate, the agenda of political parties is to build a temple, or suppress minor religious groups, or to overpower major religious groups.

If root itself is rotten, how can you expect the tree to flourish!

Everybody has the right to follow his or her dharma, irrespective of the religion he belongs to.

Dharma of a butcher is to slaughter animals and sell the meat, whether he is Hindu or a Muslim.

It is the dharma of a student to study well, of a teacher is to teach well, of a leader to guide well. If everyone embarks upon his or her duty(dharma), well there is no need for divisions (religion) then.

Indeed, to attain bliss we need our scriptures.

Be it Gita, Quran, Bible, Avesta or any other holy book. But that doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to one religion.

Get out of the box, and explore. Then one fine day, you’ll know the true meaning of your existence. And that, would be most peaceful day of your life!

With Love

-Antara K.

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