This was one of the most interesting weeks of class. We got to finally present our product and let people judge our presentation. We weren’t very crafty in the way we presented. We didn’t think much about the dynamic of the presentation and we didn’t know how to begin properly. We kind of jumped into how we would get people’s attention about our product instead of explaining the product properly. We should have started with a bang because people remember and respect someone that could be different and please the crowd. I know my group members well and we could have rehearsed the presentation but we went in it slightly blindly and figured out how we were going to present it while we were presenting it.

One of the mistakes we made was not starting off with Ivan. I know we all needed to present but I think we should have acknowledged that Ivan was our best speaker and so he would be the first impression. Ivan also showed a sense of excitement and passion for the product since he would be the tech behind it. We should have started with a simple explanation of the product and we should have presented the idea in a slower more easy to understanding way.

The investors had really good advice and said that we could be more clear. When Professor Belsito told us what we thought about our performance I thought we did slightly below average. I knew there were faults when we were presenting and I saw improvements that we could have made. The investors advice and grades for our presentation helped us see what improvements that we could make. Some things the investors said were a little vague. I know that our product is very particular and Ivan clearly explained how we would need to talk to investors that understood our product. Many people would not understand the use of our product in the public but few would see the value of it.

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