5 Monsoon Care Tips for the Elderly

While the smell of fresh mud and the sound of raindrops often bring joy and persuade you to enjoy the rhythm of nature, it can also bring along with it, a few air borne infections in the surroundings, specially food and drinks. Seniors are not only more vulnerable to illnesses due to infections when the air gets damp, but the rainwater can also make them more susceptible to falls and accidents.

Two of the most significant effects monsoon can have on seniors are the increased risk for infections and social isolation. Here are a few precautionary steps that you can take to ensure this monsoon is enjoyable with family:

1. Stay Dry: With the start of the rainy season, it’s important to avoid getting overly wet when out. As much as it is tempting, walking in rain water makes you prone to a host of viral diseases and fungal infections at the feet and nails. Dry yourself up immediately, do not wear wet socks or shoes. Keeping an extra pair of clothes and footwear along with you always is a good idea. While it is important to keep yourself dry, it is equally critical that you keep clear of damp indoors.

2. Stay Hydrated: Staying hydrated in the monsoon season is a must whether you feel thirsty or not. Consuming foods that are water based can be of great help to the body too. Hydration in monsoon promotes blood circulation and helps prevent lot of diseases which tend to thrive only during this weather.

3. Stay Active: Staying active is essential for seniors, especially those living alone. When rainy weather makes travel difficult and dangerous, isolation can result in both physical and mental challenges. Exercising regularly, going out for a stroll, catching up with friends and relatives through video calls, shopping at malls, playing indoor games can do more than distracting yourself from the weather.

4. Stay Connected: Even if you don’t live near your loved one, it’s important to try to schedule regular visits as often as possible. Family get-togethers, at-home dinner parties and some good conversations or at the very least, a call or email to a loved one helps ward-off isolation and depression. Social connections have proven to reduce the impact of memory loss and fight monsoon blues.

5. Join a senior living community : While you are already battling with the foul weather, reminding and encouraging yourself to stay dry, active, hydrated and most importantly happy gets easy if you don’t have to do it all alone. One option in this case is joining an active senior living community. An active senior living community, like Antara Senior Living in Dehradun, India encourages seniors to remain active by providing them with opportunities to engage in hobbies and interests, socialise with peers, and maintain a sense of purpose and keep them from becoming isolated and lonely. An activity-centric lifestyle helps keep the mind and body lively, young, positive and healthy. From watching movies, art workshops, cooking classes to swimming and golfing, Antara offers many on-site activities which encourage socialisation, learning and stimulation.

In addition to heeding the above recommendations, if you truly want to enjoy monsoon and be happy, changing your mindset is the key- view this season of love and rhythm as something to be enjoyed, not something to be endured. What better season than the monsoon to enjoy the sound of the rain, the birds chirping, that glittery green and a hot cup of coffee.

Originally published at www.pusha.se.