But traveling alone? Doesn’t it get a little solitary? Well, yes — I would be in denial if I said otherwise. One of the greatest joys of travel is reveling in the presence of awesome history or art with someone, and I definitely find myself wishing I had a friend with me at times; seeing what I’m seeing, eating what I’m eating, discussing our experiences. It’s nice to have someone there with you sharing that ephemeral moment that cannot be recreated. (Also, let’s face it, eating dinner by yourself, especially in romantic cities, kind of sucks.)
The stigma of doing things alone
Christina Ling

I think people can enjoy traveling alone too. In fact, I enjoy that traveling more than anything else. It gives you the ability to observe the world that you are in rather than be distracted in the company of another person. I definitely want to share the experiences with my near and dear and would want to come back for a trip with them, but I wouldn’t switch my lone traveller experience for it.

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