Stop Talking About Passion, Recognize Your Seed

It has a small shape, soft, and even sometimes invisible to the eyes. No matter how big of a tree that you can see now, that tree comes from a very small seed.

Small, but it can be something very big after going through a growing and developing process.

Often, people underestimate the small things that they have in themselves. Sometimes, it is not a rare thing that you neglect it that the seeds die.

Have you ever heard the proverbs that ‘the richest place in the world is a graveyard’ ?

Yes. Because, there are many seeds that have not been dug yet or placed in the right place. Extraordinary seeds that have never been given a chance to grow.

How did you realize the existence of seeds that you have within you?

1. Know your own self. 
Recognizing yourself is an importang thing. Not knowing yourself will make you feel lost in life’s journey. You will feel lonely in the midst of the world’s chaos. You will feel small in the midst of the world’s might.

Interact with the Creator, the owner of the seeds that have trusted you to grow and develop it.

Do not ever feel bored to ask yourself about the potentials that you have.

About the dreams and big things that you want to present to the world.

Or at least something precious for people around you.

2. Willingness to be planted at the right platform.

No matter how good a seed is, it needs the right platform to grow. The platform we talk about here is of course, a fertile soil.

Likewise with your potential. That potential can never grow well without an appropriate direction and support.

At the moment, there are plenty of interesting and inspiring communities and social activities. If you join a community that matches your interests, then you will get a chance for some coaching, hone your ability, and shape yourself to become a better personality. A widening networking will also make your potential grow in the right place.

3. Let Yourself to ‘Break’ Before Growing

Try to pay attention to the seeds that you planted in the soil, for example a green bean’s seeds. When you plant it and water it every day, then that seeds will break and let a bean sprout tree out.

To let a potential inherent in your seeds come out, you will experience pressures, problems, and other things that feel very heavy. But that problem will make you realize that your seeds are really strong and have good quality. Because its endurance in facing problems and challenges have passed the tests.

No matter how big a problem that you face, remember that the problems make your seeds let its potential out faster.

Because ‘an iron will sharpen an iron, a human being will sharpen its fellow human beings’

Problems that come from people around you will shape you to become a much better personality.

Problems exist not to eliminate you, but to test your power. So that you will move to give your best ability. So that it finally sprout out the best essence full of benefits. 
So, what i have to do now?

Starting from now, let’s find a community that can help you to find a seed within your own self.

Do not feel shy to learn from others who have started earlier. People who care with their seeds and have done something with that seeds.

Let's start from you

Writer :
Antariksa Tarigan
Founder & CEO ZERE Network

ZERE Network is a human-to-human engagement platform to bridge inspirations through media, communities, and technologies , believes that every one can bring changes.

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