Swapping from ANTX to AstraVerse

  1. AstraVerse is a new BEP20 Token with completely new tokenomics, utilities and goals. (Are we getting into Metaverse? Mmmm..leaving that a suspense for you all)
  2. ANTX is now officially a deprecated token, since we are upgrading to AstraVerse!
  3. There are 2 ways AstraVerse will be distributed:

Why are we upgrading from ANTX to AstraVerse?

How is this going to benefit ANTX holders?

How is it being done?

  • Tier 1 will have a long vesting period with a higher percentage of AstraVerse tokens received (Highest Return on Investment)
  • Tier 2 will have a medium vesting period with a lower percentage tokens than Tier 1.
  • Tier 3 will have a short vesting period BUT will receive lower percentage of AstraVerse tokens compared to Tier 1 and Tier 2.
  • Tier 4 will be ONLY APPLICABLE for people having less than or equal to 2 billion (2,000,000,000) ANTX tokens. These tokens will be completely unlocked and distributed as per the launch price (PancakeSwap price). People having less than 2 Billion tokens have a free choice to select vesting tiers as well in case they choose to.

Whats the process to get your AstraVerse Tokens?

  1. ANTX Team will create 4 new wallets. Each wallet will be associated with a Tier. These details will be shared with everyone by the team over Discord/Telegram.
  2. Depending on which Tier you choose, you will need to send ALL your ANTX tokens to the respective wallet.
  3. YOU CAN CHOOSE ONLY ONE TIER. SPLITTING YOUR TOKENS WITHIN DIFFERENT TIERS IS NOT ALLOWED. If anyone is found moving tokens between different tiers, their wallets will be blacklisted.
  4. Wallets that buy/sell/transfer ANTX tokens will continue to be blacklisted till AstraVerse Launch.
  5. Everyone will be given enough time to send in their ANTX tokens. Please keep checking the announcements.
  6. Depending on the number of ANTX tokens we receive in the wallets, the AstraVerse tokens will be airdropped to your wallets before the PancakeSwap launch. More details on AstraVerse token distribution will be shared soon (specifics of how much tokens you get, how the calculation is done)

Specifics and ROI:

  • The percentage of AstraVerse tokens will be distributed depending on the Tier you choose. Refer to the image below to see the percentage for each Tier.
  • Lets take an example. If you send 25,000,000,000 (25 Billion ANTX) in Tier 1, the AstraVerse token amount you get is 60% of 25,000,000,000 divided by 10,000.
  • Why are we dividing by 10,000? The total supply of ANTX was 30 Trillion and the total supply of AstraVerse is 3 Billion which is 30 Trillion divided by 10000.
  • Hence, 60% of (25000000000/10000) = 1,500,000 AstraVerse Tokens.
  • Similarly, if you choose Tier 2 you get 50% (1,250,000 AstraVerse) and with Tier 3 you get 40% (1,000,000 AstraVerse) tokens.




Antariksh Token

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Antariksh (ANTX)

Antariksh (ANTX)

Antariksh Token

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