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Hi friends, my personal guitar design challenge is growing up. Many improvements I made about guitar features according with my initial request explained on my first post on Medium. Now you can follow also a weekly updated Instagram page (click here!) that is growing big. Here you can find really very beautiful pics about this project.

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Sybaris Guitar

Did you notice that all guitars tend to look like Fender or Gibson? And sounds like all the same? Indeed it seems that guitar makers do compete to imitate guitar’s sound and design solution of the past.

Stratocaster and Les Paul became iconic. Leo Fender and Gibson have standardized forever electric guitar making like Stradivari have standardized violin making.

It’s long time I’m looking for an alternative guitar but that does not look like a ham and with a sound that differs from standard sound of industrial instruments? Besides talent, I want have the right tool!

So I started my…

Vincenzo Antedoro

Esperienced mechanical engineer, entrepreneur and technical teacher.

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