The Saga of an Uhappily-Married-Disgruntled Manager at Domino’s: Part 2

It was the Spring of 2002 and I was working for a failing startup by day and delivering pizzas at night. The following is one of many anecdotes I jotted down during my tenure.

I am going to the Deli next door to buy a candy bar and I ask if anyone else wants anything. W. asks me to buy him a 1 liter bottle of Pepsi and he gives me one dollar bill and one half dollar coin and I leave.

I buy his Pepsi and my candy bar and return.

As I hand the bottle to W. I notice that he has a chance to instantly win four Britney Spears concert tickets. I mention this to W. as a joke because he doesn’t seem like the type to care about Britney Spears.

He responds that he could easily get Britney Spears tickets if he wanted them. He responds that the doesn’t need to win tickets.

Somehow this fails to impress me.