I invite you to close your eyes and imagine the near future — one that’s filled with artificial intelligence and Cloud computing.

Whenever I engage in this thought experiment, I envision data being produced by an autonomous vehicle, an industrial plant, or social media offshoots. Specifically, the data takes its place within a queue to feed software, only to be processed somewhere off in the digital universe and used to increase drive, productivity, and efficiency.

Yet, this vision of the future is incomplete.

Our world will soon be populated with smart cities that free us from the effort of having to search for a parking space, obtain a degree, or even book a medical appointment. In a word, our social and economic activities will change irreversibly over the next 10 years, and in ways, we cannot even imagine. …


In qualità di Key Opinion Leader nel settore, sono stato invitato da Huawei ad assistere all’evento Better World Summit NetX 2025 dove si discuteva del futuro del mercato delle telecomunicazioni dal punto di vista degli operatori.

Pensavo di assistere al solito evento pieno di fantasmagoriche presentazioni ed accattivanti annunci promozionali da parte dell’organizzatore (Huawei ndr), invece mi sono trovato di fronte alla concretezza dei fatti che si è manifestata soprattutto per la presenza di terze parti indipendenti e di reali operatori delle telecomunicazioni che hanno condiviso la loro vision.

Un evento orientato alla condivisione dei fatti più che alla presentazione di una soluzione da vendere. …


As a key opinion leader in business technology and digital transformation, I was invited by Huawei to attend the Better World Summit for NetX 2025 event, hosted online on September 17–18 2020. The conference theme was the future of telecommunications from an operator’s perspective. Considering the sponsor and my 37 years of working in the industry, I figured I would see the usual spell-binding presentations and captivating promotional announcements from the organizer (Huawei).

Instead, I found myself engaged in transparent conversations with independent third-parties and telecommunications leaders. …


Antonio Grasso

Digital entrepreneur with a passion for knowledge translation | B2B Tech Influencer | Author & Speaker | Startups Mentor | Founder & CEO @dbi_srl

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