10 Things I Used To Be, But Now I'm Not.

It's Really Not a Listicle!

Stephen Anthony
Feb 15, 2019 · 4 min read
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I Used to be Younger, But Now I’m Old.

Where have the years gone, why do we have to age? What I would give to be younger!

Not a care in the world, the days when moving your body didn’t result in aches or pain. The days when you could bend over to pick up an object without putting your back out!

I Used to Have More Patience, But Now I Have None.

I’m not sure when this happened. But I find myself ranting on a daily basis, my god it feels good! But where I could remain calm while everyone lost their heads, now I am the first and only one ranting and raving!

I Used to Love Exercise, Now That’s Not Me.

With age, I wonder if the motivation for me to look good has withered away. I was always tall and skinny and I wanted nothing more than to be big and muscley. I tried all the weight gain powders and protein powders but nothing worked. I used to hit the weights trying to force my muscles to grow! I even managed to gain a stone in weight by gradually upping my meals to 6 a day.

Then I pushed it to 7 meals a day!

But although I put on weight I never put on muscle. Yeah, my measurements went up by an inch or so but I still looked the same. No major transformation that anyone would notice. So over the years, the enthusiasm waned. Now I’m at a stage where I’ve had to lose a little bit of weight. Because any weight gain goes straight to the belly! So that’s partly the reason why I don’t bother, its not me. I know my wife loves me no matter what I look like, poor her! So I don’t see the need.

I Used to Love Walking Through the Forests. But Now I Stand Still.

Laziness is the only excuse I have, the inability to put one foot in front of the other. How pathetic! It’s one of those things I always plan to do tomorrow but never get round to doing it. One day I tell you! I will step out the front door and go for a walk in the forestry.

I Used to Love Christmas Pudding, But Now That’s Not Me.

When I was a child I used to look forward to Xmas pudding covered in yellow custard. The dense texture, how filling it was, how satisfying it was. I used to look forward to it every Christmas day, partly because I was quite a greedy kid. Now I can’t stand the taste or the texture and oh all that dried fruit turns me off!

I Used to Love Riding my Bicycle, But Now I Drive Cars.

I used to love going out for a spin on my push bike! I used to have a Raliegh racing bike. It was white with red handlebars and a red Raliegh logo on the crossbar. it only had 5 gears but I thought it was great! I received for my birthday and from that day I rode it everywhere. I had it right up until my 20s and then it got stolen, my fault for leaving it outside the front door in plain sight.

I Used to Dislike People, Now That’s Not, Damn I Can’t Lie I Still Don’t!

This is something that hasn’t changed. I find it hard to want to waste my time talking to or interacting with other people. It’s not that I despise them, how can I? I don’t even know them. I find it difficult to be interested in anything they have to say or even their lives. Maybe I’m callous, mean or heartless or just maybe I’m wrong.

I Used to be a Smoker, But Now I’m a Vaper.

I used to love smoking, the smell, the feel of rolling a cigarette and inhaling it into my lungs! But then I had a bad chest and switched to vaping. Although it took time and a few relapses I have been vaping for around 5 years now. Haven’t touched a cigarette in all that time.

I did write about that here:

I Used to Love Doing Art, But Now That’s Not Me.

I used to always draw from a young age. I started with colouring books then graduated onto drawing my own pictures. Then I went on to pencil drawing and charcoal. I used to love going to the art shops and getting new drawing pads and sets of various grade pencils. I used to have a sketchbook I took out with me to scribble down landscape scenes. Then I found oil paints and used to love watching Bob Ross in The Joy of Painting.

Painting pictures of mountains, man I used to want to be able to paint like that! To be honest I didn’t do a bad job doing similar style paintings. But we moved to a smaller house with no extra rooms so I sold it all and stopped. I’ve never had the urge to do it again, shame.

I Used to Have Smarts, But Now I Have None.

I don’t know what happened to all the stuff I was knowledgable about. I don’t know if its age. But I used to know how to build websites, promote them, build links, write articles that were SEO friendly. And actually, make a bit of money from them. But now I would not know how to start. I assume it’s because I’ve been out of the loop. But I do think I find it harder to hold onto information now.

Stephen Anthony

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