Guide to launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
Chris McCann

Great checklist! Thank you.

It is still not clear if the SAFT is the right instrument since according to the recent announcements your token will be considered a security till you can prove that it can be used efficiently to purchase or complete a utility service. That might be the reason why the link to the SAFT article you are highlighting and which is referring to the Coinlist SAFT is now pointing to a 404 error page

I am not even sure that the current SAFTE which stand for Simple Agreement for Future Token or Equity are even appropriate these days. I was recommended from a legal counsel to keep fund raising using a SAFE since at least that instrument was commonly used or to use a SAFT only if there was 100% certainty that the token could be used. That being said I think it is just a question of months before we see a standard SAFT becoming common practice.

Have you already used such instrument (SAFT or SAFTE) Greylock Partners for some of the project you are involved in? Thank you for your reply.

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