Hong Kong civil and state flag, used since July 1st 1997

Why the Hong Kong Crisis could be the Opportunity for China to Win the World

When loosing the freedom you have once experienced can signal the limit of the system

Micha Benoliel
Sep 4 · 3 min read

Hong Kong is an Island of 8 million people, many of them come from mainland China.

After leaving for almost a century under the influence of Great Britain, all Hong Kong citizens adopted the British laws and the principles of democracy that have been an integral part of the era of prosperity that most democracies have experienced in the last 75 years.

It is not hard to understand the frustration of the whole youth from such a dynamic and well-educated region. It is one thing to grow up under an oppressive regime without ever knowing what freedom or democracy means. It is a much harder position to be in when all you knew since you were born was freedom of speech, of information, of voting and then suddenly you realize you are losing these fundamental rights.

China’s latest economic growth has been phenomenal. In 20 years the level of life and education of hundreds of million of people has changed.

It is a fantastic achievement. Nowadays China is at the forefront of almost all innovations and technologies. It has succeeded to grow companies that can rival with the largest tech companies in the world. It is sending vehicles and people to the moon. Artificial Intelligence is one of the other disciplines where China excels and where it can compete and beat most of its competitors. Even if the control and power of the state are some of the reasons that can explain such success; it is undeniable that China’s advances in the field keep on improving.

The Chinese world as we know it is the result of an ancient philosophy called Confucianism. One of the main principles of Confucianism is to never go into a direct conflict but to embrace your enemy in order to melt its influence within your own influence and create harmony. This strategy explains well the current position of China regarding Hong Kong. Mainland China is seeking harmony and it won’t let Hong Kong keep a different system. To melt Hong Kong economic zone and influence, China decided to create the “Greater Bay”, a greater economic zone that comprises of several major Chinese cities and regions and obviously Hong Kong, which was returned to China in 1997 by Great Britain.

When I observe the amount of disinformation and propaganda China is generating in mainland China and outside of China; I wonder why such a powerful nation is using such tools.

Why at a time of exponential opportunities, at a time when China looks for expanding its influence it doesn’t turn the Hong Kong crisis into an opportunity.

By taking Hong Kong as an experiment of democracy, China could appear as the most advanced and progressive nation on earth. It would make China reinforce or win most of the world powerful nations support and understanding.

Micha Benoliel

Written by

Entrepreneur, seeker, I love metaphysics and music. I bring the world together through crowdsourced mobile connectivity @nodleteam @opengarden @firechatapp

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