The Mental Gymnastics of Family Planning
Laura Marie

I am currently pregnant, but I’m also very fortunate to live in Canada, so health care is not something that I have to think about. Additionally, I will receive a year of paid time off. It won’t be my full salary, but it will be about $1800-$1900 after taxes which is extremely generous and enough to cover my half of the household bills. Although I have lots of friends that have had children, the biggest boon has been discovering local Facebook groups that allow moms to buy/sell/trade their used baby things. So while I know there will be expenses for things like clothes and toys, I can buy them used for much cheaper. Once I go back to work, I will have to budget a minimum of $1500 per month for child care. I don’t know how we will finagle this with our budget, but likely we will have to dial back our retirement savings for a while to make it work.

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