you’re number one

prioritize your health

Masego/Anthony Williams [IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Masego, a Habesha man with brown skin and short twisted black hair holds a mic in his right hand to his face as his left hand slides on the keyboard in front of him. He performs on a dimly lit stage in Oakland, CA in front of a blue projection of himself in the back as he plays the saxophone. A string of holiday lights fall over the top of the frame and hands from concert-goers are visible at the bottom of the frame]

I’m a boss ass bitch.

Honestly, I’m important. And so are you.

As as T.S. Madison says: “Be yourself bitch. Step your pussy up, honey. Get a job. Own a business, bitch. Suck a dick!”

Last night I was at the New Parish in Oakland for the second time in one week. Earlier in the week I witnessed June’s Diary slay the stage. Their set was less than an hour but it was still worth it and this new beautifully Black femme group has a new fan.

Saturday brought Down 2 Earth, Joyce Wrice, and Jay Ant. Although doors were supposed to open at 9pm and the show was supposed to start at 10pm, the openers started much later, one didn’t show up, and Masego didn’t start his headliner set until 1:40am. However I wasn’t familiar with his music, so I wasn’t as upset as some of his actual fans about the time discrepancy. In all honestly, I went because my housemates and partner told me to go and I don’t get out the house enough.

Down 2 Earth was cool until the non-Black member of the group said nigga. Multiple times. Like, a lot.

Joyce Wrice brought an endearing smile, R&B flow, two backup dancers, and wide-legged denim for days.

Jay Ant was the final act before Masego finally entered for a short set that ended with him saying “I’m gonna get get some water.” Jay Ant’s beats were fire but his misogyny was on fleek. The amount of times I heard “bitch” were hard to ignore, but what stuck with me from last night were Jay Ant’s closing words. “You are your first job.” Not your school, your place of employment, or anything else. You are your first job.

It’s been a few days since I decided to go on an social media fast. I feel a lot better. My depression hasn’t gone away and will not magically go away, but I’ve slept, I’ve danced, I’ve cooked, I’ve almost finished setting up my room, and I finally admitted to myself that I have a social media addiction. I don’t really drink or smoke, but I ran away from a lot of things by hiding in social media. In order to combat it I decided to stop using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr for a variety of personal reasons. I’m trying to break habits that I’ve built over the last ten years as we were all ushered into an age of social media, and this time off has been more necessary than I ever realized.