Fitness trainers, Instagram community, and other “wellness” people, we need to talk.
Pete Ross

I’m with you on the complaints about the narcissism, vapidity, objectification, and lack of knowledge among social media fitness purveyors.

But I think your piece loses steam, efficacy, and impact when you attempt to stuff your food preferences down the reader’s throat. For example — I think kale is absolutely delicious and I eat it almost every day. It’s one of my favorite greens. I don’t massage it. I don’t even know what the fuck you’re talking about with the massage bit. I have never heard of that before.

Some people like to eat very healthy food, every day. We don’t want fries, burgers, sodas, and/or other bullshit because stuff like that starts to look disgusting after a while when one’s been on a healthy-eating path. Don’t pathologize such people with a ham-fisted “orthorexia” diagnosis (not a real thing according to the DSM) just because you’re mad at narcissistic Instagrammers.

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