Why I really wanted to write a book with Enspiral

“If you are sincere in your desire to make the world a better place, then your personal success is our number one priority.” ~ enspiral.com/recruitment 2010

This lofty statement was on the website of Enspiral when I first stumbled across them in 2011. I showed up to the community really wanting to write a book (but not really sure how). As I got to know more about Enspiral I found many more inspiring, compelling ideas about changing the world and doing business differently, so I got more and more involved.

Now, nearly a decade later, the book I wanted to write is finally out!

Better Work Together: how the power of community can transform your business,

We’ve opened pre-sales for the first Enspiral co-authored book on Pledge Me here: https://www.pledgeme.co.nz/projects/5665-better-work-together-the-book

Back in 2012 I showed up to Enspiral with some hazy, pretty vague ideas about launching books. Basically, I had more than a few rants to anyone who would listen that Enspiral should be doing… !! something something media production write books, influence people, help change the world something something !!

After 6ish years our community has grown, matured and developed. We’ve launched products, companies and started lots of initiatives. Along the way we’ve also built out interesting, innovative structures to support a global community of…

This short blog post announces the release of the Low Carbon Challenge 2017 reflections report. To skip straight to the report, click here.

As 2017 scrolls out of our lives, Planet Earth leaves us some interesting challenges and opportunities to reflect on….

The past 365 days have generated more record hurricanes, floods, coral bleaching, heatwaves, melting sea ice and species extinctions. This hard, measured data from our changing climate is part of the puzzle that also includes the social instability, squeezed resources and geo-political tensions that have been rolling through our newsfeeds this year.

The scary part.

Systemic level challenges like climate change…

Enspiral is not alone. We are part of a global movement of people who are using their time, talents and the technology of today to challenge, re-imagine, and improve the way we work together to serve us better as people, as communities and enable us to do more work that benefits us as a planet.

This global movement is real, growing and becoming more connected. Organisations in this world, driven by a mission bigger than themselves, are sharing more and more of their learning and inspiration.

One such organisation that has been growing rapidly alongside Enspiral over the past 5…

Over the past 5 years Chalkle has been testing new ways of using business models and technology to enable more Adult Education to happen in New Zealand. As co-founders and business owners we are moving on from working in this area.

This post was written collaboratively with Chalkle co-founder Silvia Zuur and has 2 parts. It is intended to be an open contribution to anyone who is working to support adult education and life long learning in our society.

Part 1 is a an overview of the markets and solutions we pursued over 5 years.

Part 2 surmises our key…

The growth path of the internet and the technology industry is giving more people the license to create more of the world we live in. Everyday people use technology to open up new business models and opportunities in global markets — and they are changing everything from space rockets to hamburgers to the software your accountant uses.

And guess what? These new horizons and new possibilities are demanding a workforce with new skills, new ways of thinking and new ways of solving problems

There are huge number of people in New Zealand that would thrive as software programmers and could…

Read part 1 here. Read part 2 here.

Enspiral is a place to stand and take risks without fear.

To act without fear is a powerful thing. When you know a group of people have your back you can extend yourself further than you normally would and attempt things you never before would have thought possible.

Imagine a world where we are not racing the planet to extinction — and each generation can work to leave the world cleaner, stronger, healthier and more peaceful than the last. …

Read part 1 here.

What is the Enspiral network?

Enspiral is a group of businesses organising for maximum positive impact.

Operating in the market, the full breadth of Enspiral is hard to pin down. What was not that long ago a small collective of software developers is now a cluster of businesses and projects, sitting somewhere between the NGO, education, technology, professional services and startup sector.

As an eco-system of businesses we collaborate closely with local and national government on projects like LifeHack and the Low Carbon Challenge, we offer consulting services like accounting and software development, we build products like Cobudget, and support teams like Loomio, we help to champion emerging democratic infrastructure like Scoop

What is the Enspiral Network? What is it not? How does it work?

Enspiral has never been an easy thing to describe, a shapeshifting, moving target that always moves faster than our somewhat vague website can keep up with.

What is the Enspiral network?

We’ve been growing and changing (a lot) through our first formative years and have started to gain more global attention lately.

From global thought leaders pointing at Enspiral as something of promise, to press coverage in places like Vice, we are learning that as our story and reputation grows so does the ambiguity and mis-understanding about what we are and what we are trying to achieve.

So. Enspiral. What is it? …

The OS//OS 2016 conference kicks off next Monday 23rd August in Wellington. Tickets moving quick → http://opensourceopensociety.com/programme.html

Hear how world leading technologists are using open source technology to transform US government systems in The White House and Department of Homeland Security.

2) Learn how to navigate privacy and ‘Tapu Data’ in an increasingly open world in a practical workshop.

3) Understand how open source activism helped shape the very early days of twitter and how things changed as the company evolved.

4) Hear from one of New Zealand’s most recognised political figures Sir Geoffrey Palmer about the next big steps for democratic reform in New Zealand.

5) Join the DiversiTEA conversation, meet a new friend and learn how diverse perspectives can change our tech industry and our country.

6) Spark a conversation, a collaboration or a project you’re really passionate about in the Internet New Zealand hosted NetHui sessions.

7) Learn how open source innovators and business are working with the government to change laws in Taiwan.

8) Listen to 2 of NZ’s data experts host a conversation with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Hon Bill English to understand how open data, open technology and open thinking help to shape decisions at every level of government.

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