Ok I’m putting this out there. Pes 2011 is THE best football game of all time.

So now that 90% of you have dropped of this page let me explain myself. Resting between adventures, I’m quite privy to a few games of Pes on PS4. Unfortunately of late, my assistant Grost has become engrost (geddit) with Broadchurch and so now I have been relegated downstairs to the dusty remains of PS3.

Desperate times require desperate measures and in my pursuit of vanquishing boredom I plucked Pes 2011 from the cupboard. And my what a revelation this is! After getting over the initial ‘on rails’ feel of the passing the game settles into a great rhythm. Konami had implemented a passing system that was assisted but determined by player form and the games A.I which at times looks unwieldy but for the most part gives passes that bobbled realistic feel you don’t get with it’s modern counterpart.

The A.I plays a wonderfully balanced game

However what I did discover was that although this game can be as hard as nails the A.I plays a wonderfully balanced game. And by that I mean unlike the later Pes titles where some fundamental game mechanic is lacking or broken such as keepers or shooting, Pes 2011 nails this.

Playing the A.I and you see lots of different playing styles. In 2017 the cpu loves to rush forward constantly, in 2011 the cpu is happy to play it about if it needs to, its controlled in possession and balances in attack. It’s also happy to pop off a few long range efforts without it coming from a clearance out of the box.

But the crowning glory and the biggest surprise from me is the variety. This is a game that’s nearly 7 years old now and yet it puts most modern titles to shame. The keepers, while not perfect do a great job of blocking, tipping away and smothering shots but are prone to letting one go through their legs now and again. The goal nets are the best on any football game apart from the sublime Football Kingdom from NAMCO. The ball ripples around them like it should, it bounces around when it hits the top corner, ball physics and goal physics at its very finest. You’ll also be surprised at the amount of animations contained in the game too, a lot more than I can remember and enough variety so it doesn’t become stale.

So this is my second full week playing and I can’t get enough. Did i tell you the league works as it should? Or the broadcast camera doesn’t have that bloody awful zoom feature? Or that the pitches look realistic? Or that you can see rain and splashes when playing? Or that you can create your own stadiums?

I could go on but needless to say you get the point. Of course there’s some cons here; no 360 movement, player models a little stiff, shooting takes mastery and the penalties – well they should be smothered in garlic, sprinkled with holy water and left to cremate in the sun. The guy who designed them obviously had personal beef at home.

Afternoon matches. Remember those? Why Konami why??

So there you go. Try it out for yourself. It’s challenging, frustrating, glorious and what’s more makes you appreciate scoring goals even delightful tap ins. It’s not perfect but to me puts you back to a time where Konami where still trying to innovate rather than appease the masses, and you can probably pick this up for 99p.

Now, let’s hope Broadchurch never comes to its conclusion.

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