How To Let Your Soulmate Into Your Life

Photo by Mickael Tournier on Unsplash


What a fascinating topic. Something that many people will seek throughout their life. Some with success, some others, not so much.

The majority of those who feel ready for a serious relationship look in every directions outside of themselves. The truth is, inner work must be done in order to welcome that One in.

The first thing of vital importance is to know what you want. This could sound silly at first, but few actually take the time to reflect on this. I highly suggest writing down the things that you could not live without in a partner.

The danger here is to write a super long list with amazing qualities and expecting someone to fit all of them, all the time. This is called a fantasy. Although your beloved one will probably fulfill many of them, be ready to embrace all the little weaknesses and quirks that make him or her so unique.

You might slow down the process of finding that special flame by repeating cycles of your past relationships. Ever found yourself saying to your friend :

This behavior is exactly like my ex, I thought I was done with it! It seems only the hair and eye color have changed in that one!

This means that you still have something to integrate and understand from it. It is possible to look at those aspects of your partner with fresh eyes and ask yourself :

How is this helping me be a better person? How is this helping me fulfill my goals? Why is this perfect the way it is?

In doing so, you experience sincere appreciation instead of judging reality as it is. When you become able to face an annoying, frustrating behavior with calm and detachment, it loses power over you and two things might happen :

  1. You start to notice this less and less in the other.
  2. He or she stops doing the thing you resented.

I have news for you. When you think it is done, you only evolved to the next level. There will be some new things that will irritate you and that is totally fine. If you are still breathing here on Earth, there are still lessons and experiences in store for you.

Photo by Andrei Lazarev on Unsplash

Do you presently have many interesting men or women into your life?

You cannot transcend that multitude of connections?

It would be wise to realize that all you currently need and want in a partner is already expressed across those individuals. Look attentively. Maybe one of them is helping with your career, another one will listen carefully with an open mind and heart, while the last one will make you laugh and enjoy life outside your normal routine.

Whatever it is, being aware of this full spectrum is a sure way to unveil the next steps ahead for you. Life follows a very unique timing. Even if we like to control how things are going (which we can only do to a certain degree), there is patience and curiosity involved. Accept all the stepping stones towards becoming that incredibly attractive person ready for Love.

At the beginning of a new relationship, you might be totally blind to the other side of your fresh romance. This is a stage where the human brain is full of pleasure hormones that make you see life with pink lenses. This phase normally lasts from a couple weeks to 3 months.

At first, you want to impress and vice versa. Seduction is a type of marketing. The human species flourishes because of it. That is why this phase is as important as the following ones of bonding and commitment.

Go ahead and enjoy it while it lasts, but know that it is an unsustainable state and that you will get more grounded later down the road. Instead of feeling depressed about it, see how this stage can be distracting for your other important goals in life and you will be able to transition more smoothly.

You may or may not abstain from sex in the beginning, depending on your values and religious belief, but deciding to wait and create that emotional bond before the fully physical, intimate connection can have a range of benefits.

You might experience deeper mutual trust. Sincere communication can increase when something is not right, instead of ignoring the problem with sex. You can find pleasure in smaller sensual attention marks from your partner. This will also help you take clearer, wiser decisions initially, instead of getting led by sexual hormones.

This brings us to the opportunity of creating an interdependent relationship. Interdependent means that both have individual ambitions that you aspire to without your lover, while sharing a bunch of common long-term goals that really enhance your connection.

You are not dependent from your loved one to feel fulfilled. You are aware that your life is precious and inspiring, even when he or she is not there in the room with you. This is actually a very important point to attract your soulmate into your life. Having a bigger vision that you want to achieve, making a difference around you, definitely boost your personal magnetism and charm.

There is something magnificent in being able to share how you see the world with a special soul. Regularly feeding each other’s dreams with constructive criticism, presence, active listening and new ideas, can bring you to a place you never thought possible.

Relationships are not easy. They require work, investment of many resources and being ready to shed all aspects that no longer serve you. On the other hand, the possible gains are valuable enough to really dive in.

I would be honored to help you make sense of your past, to embrace the exciting future of your dating life. My mission is to assist in the creation of empowered couples across the world. It all started with my own, but I cannot wait to help create yours too. I know that we need more of those lovely pairs spread over countries. This ripple effect then touches generations after us, living through our children and grandchildren.

Building a legacy begins with the family.

Do not be afraid to affirm what your heart desires, because those who are bold enough to talk about it, are usually the ones who get it.