Delegates Must Be Selected by County
James Connor

Assigning electoral votes based on county instead of state is a great idea. It is a little unfair to counties that have more people, but obviously you have considered that when you call the Electoral College “wise”. Since people don’t count, lets consider economic output? After all it is the richer counties that generate most of the revenue that keeps the governments running for the poorer counties. So if you assign electoral votes by county, then the weight of those votes must be based on the economic output of those counties. By that measure Clinton would have won 64% percent of the electoral votes.

But why stop there? After all the Founding Fathers did not give voting rights to non-land owners. So let’s eliminate the votes of counties that get more assistance from the Government than they contribute in revenue. Better still lets eliminate entire states that receive more federal funding than they contribute in federal taxes. Needless to say, most such states vote red.

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