Finding The Right Web Design Company For You.

Whether you are new or old to business, finding the right internet marketing company is still a difficult thing for some. Especially if you are a traditional ‘Bricks & Mortar’ business that would traditionally not rely on online marketing. Which is a category many businesses still find themselves in today.

So this is the continuation of a three part series to help out new business people with some common pointers on the main areas they will encounter when setting their operations up online.

We will be focusing on three main areas, which are the main methods being used by all companies.

a.) Finding the right web design company for you (this post)
 b.) Is S.E.O the right choice for you and your business?
 c.) Is Social Media Marketing the right choice for you and your business?

Finding The Right Web Design Company For You
 One of the most important aspects of your business. The general rule with this is that most of the time you will get what you pay for. Where possible always see examples of previous work of any website design company you speak to and even ask for reference’s.

Web design is a completely subjective art. So something that looks good to you may look ugly to a designer and vice versa. It is very important that you communicate what you consider to look good to whatever digital media company you hire. Showing examples always helps.

And as mentioned before do expect to get what you pay for. If your website only cost a few hundred pounds then do not expect the end product to compete with the website of your largest national competitor, which probably has cost them tens of thousands of pounds to develop.

As a rule of thumb the main costs for websites that should be clarified with any website design company are as follows;

Mobile/Responsive Website:
 Will it show on mobile devices?
Shopping Cart:
 Will there be a built in purchasing system?
Business Blog:
 Will it have a built in business blog?
Logo Design:
 Does the company provide a logo design?
Copy Writing:
 Would they provide the wording for the website?
Proof Reading:
 If you are providing the wording, will they check it through?
Commercial Use Images:
 Will they provide images for the site. VERY important in case someone later makes a claim against your website for copyright infringement. Always try and make your own.
Content Management System:
 Another important factor to consider. And making this decision before you let any web design company start the project could save you a lot of time, money & hassle in the future.
Ask yourself how often are you likely to need changes on the website? Is it something you have to do for your business so cannot avoid the cost? Or is it something that will not be important to you if you run a local business such as a locksmith?
Most business sites today are built on WordPress. Which is a blogging system that designers build websites on. This makes it easier for the business owners to change wording and images themselves without having to hire a web developer. Or to add complex business functions to websites.
If you will need to make changes to the site around every 1–2 months then making the extra investment now will save you any trouble of having to employ someone to make changes to your website for you later.
And today websites with content management systems are so common that it really should be the rule that you have this. Unless it’s a small one page website or landing page.
Many small business make the mistake of assuming that maintenance & updates come with buying a website. But just like a car, a websites do not come with a free mechanic.
Design revisions:
 Another very important aspect when dealing with web design companies. Often many will charge a set price to complete a project, rather than larger organizations who may commission work by the hour.
So for many small digital media companies if they have to go back & redo work which you have previously approved for them to do, then it will make it difficult for them to complete the project on budget.
Of course if the revision is because you are not happy with the work that is acceptable. But do expect to run into problems if you have paid a set price for a website and then require a complete u-turn in the project at no additional cost.

Many of the above points are optional. But most businesses will need quite a few of these features for their commercial websites.

And following these steps will not only leave you with a functioning website for your business, but with an end product you will be happy with for the next 5–10 years.

What do you think?
Have you had any positive or negative experiences? 
Leave your comments below.

Anthony Mark is the founder of Mark Digital Media Ltd, a writer & artist. 
With a long time interest in business technology and politics.

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