Afternoon Thoughts- 6/20/17

I’ve been listening to this song from a band called Housefires pretty much on repeat. The song is called “Open Space.” The Chorus says “My heart is an open space for you to come and have your way, i’m open.” That simple line has struck me pretty deep and made me question my openness to the Lord. “Have I been really open and available to you and for you?” “Have I been open to change?” “Have I been open to correction?” “Have I been open to go when you say go?”

As these questions rose to the surface, this thought arose as well: The heart truly submitted to the Lord never really gets rid of these questions. The submitted heart is consistently asking “How much more open can I be?”

I’ve noticed in myself that when I begin to feel like i’ve arrived or that i’ve cornered a small sector of the market on anointing that the questions fade and my heart begins to close off and grow cold. People stop looking like Jesus to me, injustice seems normal, ministry begins to look more like a popularity contest that a sacrifice. When it happens, I quickly have to re-center my thoughts on Jesus, His sacrifice and my unworthiness of it all. Then my heart begins to question again. My heart begins to ponder the thoughts of “how much more surrendered can I be?” “How much more obedient can I be?” “How much lower can I go so that people see you through me more?”

My Heart is an open space for you to come and have your way….I’m open.” Is your heart open today to His searching, His leading, His loving??

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