Holy Underwear

So, I had this amazingly old pair of boxer-briefs that I loved (yep, TMI). They were comfortable, worn in and intimately acquainted with me. They also had many holes. I personally didn’t care about the holes, or how thin the fabric was getting because of wash & wear, but my wife seriously did. She went out one day and got me a pack of Champion breathable this and moisture wicking that high tech boxer briefs. Well, I was offended. How dare she think that these new fancy underwear could ever replace my old faithfuls! She was about to get the tongue lashing of her life for trying to upgrade something broken, but something that I was extremely comfortable with……..then I tried them on! Good Lord was it ever a paradigm shift!! I no longer have those holy underwear.

That true (and silly) real life example is reminiscent of patterns of thinking, talking and being that are in our lives. Some of them are old and comfortable, but completely full of holes.

And no one pours new wine into old wineskins…” -Mark 2:22

We all want something new, something from God, but have we made the necessary changes for that “new thing?” Throughout our journey He’ll speak to us about things that we need to let go, adjust and change. It’s our job to take off the old so that He can clothe us with His new. “But the bible says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, so why do we need to change?” Yes, God doesn’t change, but His ways of getting things accomplished on the earth do, and we are the ones that He’s tasked to get His will accomplished down here. If we aren’t constantly taking off the old and being clothed with His new, it becomes much harder to accomplish His will.

Take a moment today to ask the Lord if you have on any old, holy articles that need changing. He is loving and gracious to help you get into that “new thing” He means for you to be in. The new wine is coming, can you handle it?