Seal The Cracks

I had a mini epidemic in my master bathroom yesterday due to some unexpected flying bug jerks finding their way in. I called the pest control guy and sent him a photo of one of the dead jerks so that he could ID them. Turns out they were spider wasps. I know, wasps are terrible and they sting. Well, these particular ones do not sting, they are just extremely annoying. The bug guy said that they don’t build nests, but live in any crack and crevice that they can find, and they multiply pretty rapidly. He also said that pest control chemicals really didn’t work on them, that i’d just have to find the cracks that are letting them in and seal them up. So, that’s what I did. I climbed up a ladder and proceeded to caulk every space and crack that I could find by the skylight in my master bath. I also did spray some bug spray (just in case). I killed the ones that were already inside and waited to see if any more came in. I’m happy to report that sealing up the cracks seems to have done the job (the bug spray seemed to have worked as well).

Let me just say this up front, we all have some cracks in our lives. We aren’t perfect, but are being perfected. Well, those cracks in our lives let in little critters of their own: bitterness, jealousy, anger, resentment, pride and the list goes on. They are pests at first, but if you don’t seal up the area that one of those is coming in through they’ll quickly grow in number and overtake your heart.

How do you fix the cracks? That answer is unique to each individual. It could be forgiving a friend, giving something up, saying sorry. Because we have Holy Spirit, we all know what it’ll take to seal up those cracks because He is always gently reminding us what wholeness requires. Our responsibility is to listen and obey. Listen to what He is pinpointing as cracks and obey His instruction on how to fix them. Do that swiftly, and you’ll be bug free and happy in no time. Delay and the number of bugs you’ll need to deal with will grow over time. Thankfully, God is gracious to walk with us through the process of sealing up all those cracks. With His leading and help things will get sealed up in no time.

What are some of the things that the Lord has been pinpointing to you that are cracks in your life? Have you taken the time to go through the process with Him of getting those things sealed up? Trust the process and, most importantly, trust Him in the process.

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