Second Day at andela boot camp

So far so good day two has already gone, at least am better now as compared to day one. The day well spent having learn t object oriented concepts in python whereby you can really solve a real life problems in a programmatic way, I think it sounds cool.

Having gained a lot of ideas of object oriented programming from various sources and my fellow colleagues. I came to understand how you can hide some data using encapsulation concept whereby you can prevent access to certain functionality of a program. I also understood abstraction where a program tries to expose only the required essential characteristics and behavior with respect to a context. On polymorphism concept I learn how you can make a certain a functionality to behave differently in different contexts. By tackling data type lab, I was able to differentiate various types of variables that a python program could use.

Though this day things tended to be not as easy as I could ever thought, through my mastery was able to accomplish all my tasks to see a day well-spent.

Team work

Through team work I was able to achieve more than I could ever thought and I guess this is what we call power of a team (Bravo to my colleagues and I salute you all). Last but not list my humble thanks is to my LFA who made this day a success.#Ready to welcome day three.

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