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How ESPN can make a story out of nothing

The other day ESPN decided to use a classic move of theirs to create a story out of thin air. Brian Windhorst, who made a career out of documenting Lebron James’ life, decided it was time to throw his opinion to the Derrick Rose and Chicago Relationship.

Anyone who follows the Bulls knows in the past couple seasons it has not always been the best relationships between Rose and the Bulls front office. It should be said that none of the tension came from Rose himself. He has said things that make you scratch your head but nothing negative towards the Bulls organization. Any of the problems of the past couple seasons has been from either Rose’s group of friends or leaks within the Bulls organization.

This kind of leads me up to the other day when Brian Windhorst decided to throw his hat into Derrick Rose rumor mill. “The Derrick Rose Breakup with the Bulls has begun”, Windhorst stated. Huge statement right? Is there anything to back this claim up, nope. No source, no teammate rift, nothing. This was pretty much a guy making a statement because he knows it will get fans and people who don’t care about the Bulls talking about the story.

This is how ESPN creates a story out of nothing. A few years back Ron Jaworski made the bold statement that Colin Kaepernick could be one of the best QBs ever (hilariously wrong). Jaw’s made his statement and that begin the cycle of Sportscenter to Mike and Mike to first take to the local stations etc etc. Out of this then SI and AP will write stories about the bold claim as fact, then ESPN will talk to the writers of those stories from the AP and SI.

I am fairly certain in a production meeting some producer said the Derrick Rose situation is ripe for the picking and made pitch that Windhorst makes his statement and the news cycle will begin. This story will now be played out over the course of the season. Know what is the only thing casual fans will be talking about the rest of the season, will Rose be leaving the team? Will the Bulls trade Rose? Forget the Jimmy Butler and Rose relationship, thats old news. The new story is when is Rose leaving.

That’s the kind of power that a news outlet like ESPN has. When the news isn’t about the news and its about pushing ratings and making advertising revenue, creating stories like this is exactly what ESPN wants to do. There is no story here that is the most frustrating thing to me. We have to now deal with this for the rest of the year and the rest of Rose’s career with the Bulls. Its disappointing to me because this team doesn’t deserve this kind of distraction.

Hopefully after all that this team has gone through in the past 5 years, a story like this doesn’t hurt the team and their goals. I also hope that people start to recognize what ESPN does to manufacture stories like this. This won’t be the last time ESPN does this I can guarantee that.

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