Wake Up. Kick Ass. Repeat. (Nope… Not Today) Hustle Culture is Overrated and Not for Everybody.

We all want the good sh*t.

Instagrammable results.

To go viral for our dopeness.

All the likes.

Money and fame.

The good life.

Or on the flip side, maybe you just want to find the one.

Or to stop the pain you feel from a breakup .

Or the death of a loved one.

Or maybe. you just need a job and don’t. know where to start.

Real talk… this “Sleep when I die…” hustle culture can be extremely one sided.

It’s not for everyone.

Some mornings. it’s easy to be all, “No excuses, get out of your comfort zone and sacrifice for the life you want and bust through mindset issues by listening to @garyvee and @tonyrobbins,” but the truth is, everybody out here trying to figure it out.

It’s scary at times.

We don’t share that part.

I doubt myself, I drop the ball, I miss the mark, I don’t always make the calls I need to make, and from time to time I’m like, “Damn I should just go back to my cushy. corporate gig.” Here’s the point, You can do things your way, in your time.

No super-hustle. No ball til you fall.

It’s okay to be scared, uncertain and insecure.

That’s hard truth… especially when you see everyone’s filtered Instagram veneer life…but give yourself permission relax & go slow.

Here’s a simple formula.

You ready?

Write down one of your intentions and stick it on your bathroom mirror.

Get a bunch of 3x5 index cards and on each one write a step that it takes to bring it into reality.

Under each step write the things you need to do, learn, or people you need to talk to in order to figure it out.

When you’re done with that card, put it. face down on your desk and get the next card, then repeat.

Each card is a baby step.

Don’t run or hustle or grind.

Put one foot forward.

Then another.

Subscribe to a podcast on your subject. matter for inspiration.

Do it at your pace.

You will get some things wrong.

But keep moving and celebrate your steps.

F hustling til you die — unless you want to.

F team no sleep — get some rest.

It doesn’t have to be all gas all the time.

That can burn you out.

But keep walking.

Eternal bliss isn’t something you arrive at.

It’s something create by celebrating every step, every day.


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