Porn perpetuates behaviors and expectations that show up in the bedroom.
Rebecca Thomas

An assumption of your consumption

Of the healthy quantity of lovers,

A sensation, slightly touched, the quality of those escapades can be considered to ruin your love life as well.

Perhaps the climax of this story is yet to come. Firmly believing all problems are really just opportunities.

I think the one consistent thing seen in porn is the

Rah rah, sis boom bah

To get to the awe

Let’s call it “the cheer leader” effect

A need in men, fake that makes an fake orgasm less likely.

A theory, till the rubber hits the road as they say.

A little thing, but the difference it makes can be great.

There are no absolutes, a large statistically sampling of my own experiences to draw from, a few times I’ve laid my head back and stared at the ceiling. Forgetting. I have no poker face, the rolling of my eyes betrays my realization that any toe curling Isn’t worth this effort. Hearing the words ‘ you look bored’ are the only release to be had.

I’ll give you love, Hit you like a truck. I’ll give you love, ill teach you how to oooohh — madonna, “Erotica”
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