Which is precisely what happened, the very process by which our Democracy works, in fact.
tigger porn

Cheating with integrity, an incompetent truth

I more than suspect that Integrity, Ethics and truth have been sadly discarded .

The Offensive’s endeavor alone proves an astonishing incompetence. The standard rules of order had nothing more to do than just be that, standard. The Offensive duly dismissed like a purulent child .

What is going on is clear.

The Offensive’s attempt was to move the goal post, aka, cheating

I’m confused why the author would say “ House passes, Republicans strike down.”

The​ Housed passed nothing, that was clear. Yet were presented with a prevarication as if it had. aka, lying

The Republicans are part of the House, apparently to the author not so clear. aka, incompetence

and yet I am still confused, whether this misleading was a likely intention or a preferable incompetence.