Homeless Teens: How does being homeless at a young age affect your mental health?
Alejandra Fregoso

Hi Alejandra

I found your topic about mental health to be interesting. Especially how being a victim of homelessness can affect an individual’s mental instability. For example, impairing ones social interaction skills. You also brought up a great viewpoint about homelessness being stigmatized by society; labeling them as smelly, uneducated and poor, which is not always the case. I agree, that if society does not show simpathy and compassion towards this concerning issue, teenage homelessness will only continue to increase and these individual’s mental health will deteriorate within time. I hope that more resources can be provided to the homeless community to allow them to bounce back onto their feet. There are so many misconceptions that society has been brought to believe about the homeless community, especially here in San Jose, having one of the largest homeless communities. Continued resources and further support are the only ways awareness will be spread and the stigma of homeless people will be dismantled. I really enjoy reading and responding to your post, thank you for sharing about such an important topic in society.

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