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SagaSehat is a product consist of various scales and an application that helps to revolutionizing Posyandu all over Indonesia.


UI and UX Designer tasked with User research and supervised by Design Leader


  • Figma
  • Miro
  • Figma Prototyping
  • Google Suite

What I do

  • Conducting User Research prior to the designing
  • Idea Collaboration
  • Creating low and high fidelity wireframes
  • Creating high definition mockups
  • Gathering user feedbacks and request through series of interviews
  • Brainstorming for the next feature in collaboration with Product Owner

Design Process

  1. Research
    Gaining in-depth knowledge of the problems that users experienced in real life situations through a series of interviews.
  2. Analysis and synthesis
    After gathering all the information deemed to be beneficial to the project, we compile, analyse and synthesize all those data and create a product strategy
  3. Concept
    We translate the product strategy into visual mockups such as wireframes, screen design, prototypes.
  4. Testing
    Validation is the key for creating a product therefore we conducted several interviews to gain user feedback and the pains while they are using the product.
  5. Iterate
    In product design, continuous improvement is necessary in order to make sure the app is still relevant to the user and can solve their problem.

Problem Statement

According to research conducted by Litbangkes, the number of infants and babies that are experiencing growth stunting is still high. One other reason is that there’s still a lack of improvement on infants and babies health care such as Posyandu. Posyandu held the biggest role in monitoring the infants’ and babies’ health growth and they are one of the sources that Litbangkes uses to track down the malnourishment in infants and babies.


Most of the users that manage the Posyandu post are in the age group of 50–60 and older. And most of them never used any smartphones or any pocket technologies before such as tablets or laptops.

Gathering Data

We, as a team, conducted an interview with 2 users of Posyandu in Jakarta Timur. We gather that most of the users that tend Posyandu are less tech savvy and most of them are still used to using KMS (Kartu Menuju Sehat). Even the scales that they used for scaling the infants and babies are still prone to human error since the babies are held using clothes and hang them on a scaling pole.

Since the users that tend the scaling are in the older generations, they are having difficulties in reading the numbers on the scale. Another problem is that the parents tend to lose the KMS and it’s hard to remake the KMS as the data is already on Puskemas and the parents will have to go forth and back to get the data back.

Proposing a Solution

After we gathered all of their pains and problems, we created a solution for those older generations to be able to familiarize themselves with smartphone technologies. We created a visual design that has large fonts and is rich in visuals in order to make the user easier to understand.

We also created the application to function well in an area that has no internet connection by making the application working well in offline mode. The scales itself can be used by connecting the smartphone/tablet to the scales through bluetooth. Furthermore, the numbers on the scales can be visualized in real time on the application so that this will solve the user problem in difficulty reading the numbers on the scales.

And lastly, the application itself can export the data so that the user can have them in PDFs file and will be easier to be backed up. Those PDFs will also be sent to Puskesmas so that Litbangkes can continuously make research easier through the cloud system.


You can see the prototypes with this link here


We have sold more or less 2.500 units this year across the island of Java and are now available in LKPP. We are projecting around 25.000 units to be sold in the next year in order to improve the condition of infants and babies across Indonesia.

What’s next?

Right now we are implementing some features that are requested by the user such as marking the deceased patients and parents, direct stunting report, and easier file export in a form of media manager.



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