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Singapore is a crucial asset management hub in Asia that serves as a gateway for global investors to access opportunities throughout the region. The country’s financial sector oversight is regarded as among the best globally, with regulators striking the right balance between promoting financial innovation and safeguarding financial stability.

In January 2020, a new corporate structure was introduced to attract more investment funds to domicile in Singapore and further strengthen its position as a global fund management hub.

At Binarystar Ventures, we saw this as a game-changer for asset management in the region. The VCC structure has several features explicitly tailored for investment funds, which offer us tangible benefits that flow on to limited partners choosing to invest in our fund. …

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Asia’s digital economy is developing rapidly, and at a significantly faster pace than any other region. Why is this? What opportunities does this bring for investors? Join us this week on The Deep Tech Podcast as we discuss Asia’s digital advantage.

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Get to know the driving force behind Binarystar Ventures

Binarystar Ventures is part of the Infinity Blockchain Group, one of Asia’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency groups. As part of this group of companies, we’re able to leverage powerful internal capabilities and localized assets that unlock enhanced value for our limited partners and portfolio companies.

Japan’s largest blockchain hub

Our accelerator, innovation lab, and business club in Tokyo, Japan, enables accelerated market entry and localization into Japan and supports our operations across South East Asia.

Our business hub drives and facilitates technology integration, networking, and innovation between startups, early adopters, and large corporate partners. …


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