I’m writing again
Simon Collison

BTW, I just want you to know that you’re an inspiration to me, Colly. I’m 47 and recently did my first 5k (no training prior to the event).

My intent was all about having fun and finishing. While I cycle and love it, I have long hated the act of running (every runner looks like they’re going to die), but pined for being able to do it (I have a secret triathlon fantasy in me). My wife and I did the 5k with friends and while my heart rate went bonkers the entire length of the race, I kept at it and did finish. It was definitely suffering along the way, but standing at the finish line, it was fantastic. I could now say that (1) I’d competed in a race (2) I completed it and (3) I could do it again and (4) I did better than I thought I would.


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