The Irony of Ignorance

(RE: Nate and his comments on the New Yorker’s February 2017 cover on

The irony of Nate’s argument is that he uses words (and other things) created by the very same cultures he condemns. Moreover, he does it not only here but in his every day life.

When you write any words down you are the beneficiary of a form of communication that comes from Mesopotamia (The Middle East) and Mesoamerica (Central America). You would not have it without these cultures.

If/When you pray to your Christian/Catholic god you are benefitting from years of Middle Eastern cultural development. It is them who gave you your basic understanding of what is “good” and “bad” for society. What is right and wrong, what is moral and immoral. You and others condemn these cultures for not being contributors to society yet your entire society is based on what they have contributed in terms of your norms and basic understanding of a healthy society — sad. It shows how bad education is tantamount to no education which equates to ignorance.

Even if you do not have a believe in any religion — your idea of good a bad is founded on Middle Eastern culture because it permeates all the laws of the US (coming from England, which comes from the French, which came from Latin influences which can be traced all the way back to earliest legal writings of rules in society, the Code of Hammurabi — from the Middle East). You should not belittle them but instead esteem them for they gave your culture generations of freedom from arbitrary rules which led to the ability to work and make a living for yourself and your family.

Now I understand anyone having an issue with a particular person or even family, but to condemn an entire culture — you may want to look in the mirror first and ask what contribution has my culture made which cannot be attributed to any one of the cultures I’ve recently criticized. I believe you will have a fairly difficult time. I’m pretty sure I can find the roots of most things leading all the way back to the African continent.

When you use the number zero (or even math in general) you are using something that comes from a muslim/Arabic culture. The roots of algebra can be traced to the ancient Babylonians who developed an advanced arithmetical system with which they were able to do calculations in an algorithmic fashion. Why do you think the call it Algebra (from Arabic “al-jabr” meaning “reunion of broken parts)? Or Algorithm? The word ‘algorithm’ is a combination of the Latin word algorismus, named after Al-Khwarizmi, a 9th century Persian mathematician., and the Greek word arithmos meaning “number”. The Greeks named it Algorithm because they were translating Al-Khwarizmi’s books on math. Algorithm is the Latin form of his name.

How would you drive your modern car on the highways without math? How would you surf the internet or take a phone call on your cell phone? Please tell me how or maybe instead you (and the others on here) can give thanks to these people for being so generous to our modern day culture.

You have no idea of your history, or even human history, and that is why you (and others here) blame …others …for the issue of Americans.

I once told my father a Japanese proverb — don’t fix the blame fix the problem. One day your children’s children will learn the whole truth of human history. They will learn the true source of their knowledge and therefore power…it is inevitable. History did not begin with the Greeks — long before them. Whenever you use fire — you can thank the African continent for that is where your ancestors come from. It was on this continent, through the use of fire, that allowed us to go from Homo habilis to eventually becoming Homo sapiens.

I won’t deny those of African decent are having trouble in the US that is clear. However, all cultures have their issues. Some have reigned supreme only to eventually be flushed away over time making way for a new culture growing out of the old. We are all intertwined and you may want to point that pistol somewhere else before you go shooting your mouth off. :)

We’re all a victim of lies Nate. Lies like Europe grew without any cultural contributions from Africa…this is not true. Europe gained from many cultures but its foundation lies in the Middle East and Africa.

When you take the time to learn you feel less ignorant of the issue that beset us all. Thanks.

More fun facts: Where you think of having a beer think of China as that is where the earliest alcoholic beverages come from. Cheers.