I’m actually not as bile-full as you seem to think I am, and I didn’t write this article in anger.
Devin Reynolds

If you are suggesting that she has no real legislative accomplishments, than you are either drastically under informed about her work in the senate or willfully ignorant of her actions. The Lilly-Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the 20 Billion Dollar funding for rebuilding NYC after 9/11, and the creation of a national monument in NY are all due to her work among much more.

More importantly, you ignore the fact that CITIZENS UNITED (open bribery) was a partisan decision made by republicans against HILLARY to stop her from becoming president in 2007. The Koch brothers (who ran ads on behalf of Bernie this campaign) and their oil/wall street super pac Citizens United created a movie called “Hillary: the Movie” to dissuade people from voting for Hillary by depicting her as a “monster.” The FEC said that one Pac could not bundle money and have an outsized influence on an election and the District Court ruled in the FEC’s favor. However, when the Koch brothers appealed the decision to SCOTUS, 5 republicans decided that it was ok to buy elections. So, your argument there is slightly confusing.

Finally, I appreciate your perspective on this election and find that it is interestingly different. However, I also find many points you make to be extremely offensive. I live in the South, and there are many here who share liberal principles; we are not stupid or uninformed and we were exposed to Bernie and had a chance to hear him in three debates and attend his rallies before we voted. We were also inundated with information from the media and social media. Many of us, save Oklahoma, chose Hillary because she understands the reality of our world: our education, healthcare, and wages are tied to the State government. Hillary can actually work with people who share different principles, that are equally as legitimate as yours and mine, to actually better our lives. Your insinuation that black people are dumb or uninformed, which is the point that you imply with such a comment, is frankly racist. They don’t stick with Clinton for uninformed reasons, they do so because she has delivered for them in the past and will continue to do so in the future in meaningful and real ways, not rhetorical ones.

Thank you for sharing your opinion, #ImWithHer

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