There she lay,

The most elusive creature known.

Among the reeds, she sniffs and meanders

Or so it seems.

Her powers beams.

Like a laser.

Cunning and sharp,

Like a razor

From the hillside,

Lost, but driven

The zoologist stumbles

Upon what is forbidden.

His eyes wide at the site of her beauty.

“She must be mine,” he whispers,

Intent good, will strong.

He raises his gun, darts in the chamber, tags at his side.

The tigress in his sites,

Hands shaky

Mouth watering

A DEEP breath.

This is his break, to show the world he’s normal.

To show others he’s formidable.

Her ears perk up, something in her radar.

Her fur shines,

Muscles flex, sinewy seams.

Attention sharp.

The way she moves, makes men weak

The way she purrs, makes women break

The way she forges on, makes some jealous

And makes some bow down and pray.

For the world is her oyster and those who gaze upon her, the prey.

Sweat beads down his brow,

The decision races through his mind.

To be,

Or not to be,

The one that takes,

The one that weakens.

In a moment of epiphany, his gun drops

The darts lay abound.

The tigress roarrrrrrrs.

In one leap, she’s upon him

Face to face with fate



And everything in between.

For she is no kitty,

She is the Queen.

She knows

What he needs-

What he wants-

They are different.

What she needs-

What she wants-

They are the same.

It was more,

More than most could grasp.

But she could not mask

There was a task.

With the great power,

She possesses.

She bids forward

Great responsibility.

To love

And be love.

He kneels before her,

Palms raises,

Not shaking.

For his future is decided

And fear fleeting.

Her eyes shimmer and shine,

Full of life and vigor,

Deeper than a summer night’s sky.

Every answer, vividly clear,

Within the soul as it appears.

So she bows her head

And lays it on him.

The sweetest lick ever gifted.

Her soft tongue does not moisten

Or bring good fortune.

It burns like hell

Boiling emotion.

For as she stalks off into the reeds,

His heart is lifted

By a fire in his soul.

A will to succeed-

If never they shall meet again,

It will not be the end.

Forget the rest

He must confess

His heart is taken

By a tigress.

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