Becoming Your Future Self

This is a haunting task that I have had a really tough time with over the years. I fail at everything, but I am still here.

I have a habit of giving up. Major mistake.

I didn’t realize what failure is.

Failure is the gateway to the next level. Failure is the launching point to the next failure. Failure is the way point. Failure is the way to the destination.

Bottomline, failure equals success.

I didn’t appreciate this for the longest time. I really did not realize what failure represents to me.

Failure represents the permission slip to keep going.

I fail at everything that I do. Today, I am actually proud to say that, because it means that I attempted.

Life is about attempts. Life is about making the attempts whether you fail or not. The real power is when you make the attempt in the face of impending failure.

Listen to one of my favorite people right now. Elon Musk.

Absolutely an amazing person that will no doubt achieve everything that he desires. The reason lies in the way that he views failure and fear.

He said that when he was making Tesla that there would be a 10 percent chance of success, and he did it anyway. So, why would a smart person do something that has a perceived success rate of 10 percent?

The reason he gave was because it was so important that even if he did fail and go broke, he believed that someone would eventually come along and finish his work for him. The mission was more important than the results. The result even in the case of his own personal failure would result in a positive outcome no matter what.

He turned a losing situation into a win.

So, how can we learn from Elon?

Well, I would say that opposition to your goal is simply in your head no matter how real it seems.

Your current reality is just a reflection of what you have inside you.

Your reality is a collection of your potential just exposed externally, in the shape of your family, friends, enemies, social situation, and etc…

Maybe that doesn’t make sense right now, but it is 100% true.

I cannot prove that, but it proves itself everyday.

Anyways, “be the change that you seek.” Gandhi said. That journey that you have to the place you want to be starts within and also ends within yourself.

That does not mean that you have to sit in your apartment and hypnotize yourself to victory.

What that means is that you are going to have to plan and act simultaneously. Also, believe in what you do every step of the way that what you are doing is at least in the right direction. Now, this doesn’t mean to trick yourself. It means that you need to seek truth.

Your path doesn’t have to be perfect. Just in the right direction.

Life does not have roads, it has paths. Paths are uneven, they wind around, and they are rough sometimes. That does not mean that they won’t get you where you want to go. It might take a while, but it will be worth it.

I heard Lewis Howe say something today that really meant a lot. He said something in the realm of, “I got where I wanted, because I kept taking action and those small steps got me where I wanted to go.”

See you can’t take the freeway to your goals. You take the path in and out of the forest and there are no cars allowed there. There is only the Nike Express, which actually is the fastest way.


A while back, I had a sales job that I really sucked at.

I would fumble my words and be so self-conscious about what I would say and when that I would have weeks without making a sale.

This went on for a while…

So, I did the classic approach and I read many many sales books, watched videos, and took some classes. While those experiences were very valuable, and I would recommend them to anyone interested in improving, I truly did not improve until I just relaxed and allowed whatever may happen to happen.

I stopped stressing. I stopped caring in a sense, but I didn’t stop doing my work. I just took the stress out of it.

I stopped caring about my commission. I stopped caring about what my boss thought about me. I stopped caring about what my pitch was like and I just started being casual. I just started asking questions and finding out the truth during the sales, and a crazy thing happened. I started to sell like crazy.

I am not telling you to “not give a fuck.” I am not saying to work less hard. I am just saying to recognize that sometimes working more and beating yourself up is not the answer. Recognizing that you did your best and continuing on is the key.

In Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, he told the story of the gold diggers. He said that the one group bought the drill and stopped drilling a few feet away from the gold. The person that bought the drill found the gold shortly after he bought it, because he found out where they were drilling and just kept going thinking that maybe they were on to something.

I am saying the secret is trying your best and surrendering to the outcome even in the face of impending doom.

All the sales knowledge that I read finally kicked in and sales became easy. I just started to be myself and reduced my stress and let the chips fall where they may.

One way that I have found to overcome failure is to combine hard work with stress reduction.

You have to go about your tasks with a sense of relaxation no matter how stressful they might be. They are just tasks and they are your friend.

Just have your one big goal in mind and act in accordance without the stress or the expectation. Be open-minded to the outcome. Be open to a much better outcome than the one you are imagining.

Just allow.

Anyway, that’s for now. There will be more on this subject in the future so stay tuned.