My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

I am a 64 year old black man. My first Presidential vote was for George McGovern. I am a lifelong liberal and member of the Democratic party.

In each election cycle, in my adult life, contrary to what some conservatives would have you think, I look at the issues and policies of each of the major parties in order to cast my vote. I am not on anyone’s “plantation”.

The fact is that in 2016, the Republican party is the party that was instrumental in gutting one of the signature achievements of Dr.Martin Luther King. That would be the Voting Rights Act which was largely struck down thanks to litigation by Republican governors and legislators.

The fact is that in 2016, the Republican party has nominated a candidate who went on national television, claiming he had “investigators” in Hawaii who could not believe what they were finding.

On election day, I will cast my vote. My vote will not be in support of the party which is proud of gutting Dr. King’s legacy. My vote most certainly will not be in support of the party that pushed the racist birther nonsense for 8 years. Then when there was no further political advantage to be had, lacked the integrity to admit their error and tried to blame Hillary Clinton.

Finally, I will not cast my vote in support of the party so bereft of ideas and vision for leadership that they must resort to rumors and innuendo about the health of Hillary Clinton. I would only point out that one of the greatest presidents in the history of our republic, led us out of the Great Depression and defeated the abomination of Nazi Germany. Franklin Roosevelt did that while he was paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair for his entire tenure as President.

That is my open letter to you sir, one black man to another..

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