The question, “Did the president authorize the use of this bomb?”,
R.a. Hunter

There was nothing in any way, shape or form that was “stupid” about the question as to whether Trump personally authorized use of the MOAB.

The blast area of that weapon can encompass a square mile. Conventional or not, it has the capability to kill thousands of people if they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. About 80,000 people died on the day of the blast of the Nagasaki bomb which ended WW2. A MOAB dropped on a densely populated area would kill just as many if not more. It is ridiculous to say it is stupid for the media to ask if the commander in chief authorized the use of a weapon whose destructive capability equals or exceeds that of the Nagasaki bomb.

What is “stupid” is the constant bending over backwards to rationalize the incompetence of the individual now occupying the oval office.

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