Good morning Dr. King~

I awoke this morning and realize I no longer have a dream
I awoke this morning and realize I no longer care to dream
I awoke this morning and realize I no longer share that wish 
I awoke this morning and realize I know now that this was only a dream
I awoke antagonized by the lack of change by the constant exchange for smaller and smaller change

Anguished in my waking hours to see the revolution is in fact just another evolution of their devillution
I awoke to find the dogs of anguish has been replaced by the uniformed uniformity of the still deadly slavery

And nothing is beyond that mountain and nothing is on the horizon and there is no inheritance for the meek

I awoke to find it more deadly now than it has ever been for those who dare to speak

Good Morning Dr. King` I am so very sorry to say your once beautiful dream has become a nightmare 
And the Angels that once spoke to you are now the evil whisperers in my ears planting the seeds of destruction

And a generation have come and gone and the chains of chattel have been replaced by the economic struggle

And our mothers of creation are still being brutally stuck down and their blood still flowing to the ground
And you are no longer here so no one seems to care and the dogs of war are still chained to their chariots

They continue to isolate and marginalize our beautiful queens calling them nothing more than harlots

And the coliseums are now flowing over the tops with the bodies brutally wounded and our pain has never stop

Good Morning Dr. King~ I have been awake longer than sleep and I have not had a dream for decades
I no longer feel the need to draw the shades because I find myself now dreaming only in my waking hours

We are still not allowed in their Eiffel Towers except to change the daily refuse and clean their showers
We are still not a part of their daily prayers and ours have long been forgotten and I care not awaiting the final hours

The subtleties of the now polished politically correct comments have not been mistaken

The gestures of empowerment with the elusions of new endowment have still not awaken

a now lost generation frustrated, disenchanted, now giving cause for the very reason you were once so forsaken~