You see me and I already know your eyes have 
deceived you
I am more than what you see 
if you are pure of heart then I am you
and if in your lustful heart you see me I am you
I am more than what you dream
Cause in your nightmares I am you 
I am your evil realized by your fears of falling asleep
I am your cold sweat, your restless, your distress, your demon mistress
and if you should find salvation before the dawn 
I am your savior
I am more than what you taste
I am the bitterness of failure, your sour, that last bad meal you devoured
And when you recognize no more taste test, 
I am that sweet taste of success 
I am more than what you hear
If you should have reason to call in desperation
I am your casual affair
I am your headlight you still that confused deer
And when you have been struck I am the only one to hear

I am more than just your voice
but thanks to your being so very blind 
you can hear many voices but unaware of which is mine